Nombran ''Beckham'' a un bebé en Inglaterra

Ocurrió en Gloucestershire, Inglaterra. Sus padres, Rayne Jones y Marvin Temple, decidieron ponerle el nombre Beckham Rio-Lee Temple (también por Rio Ferdinand). El sábado cumplió dos semanas.
En Gloucestershire hay como una competencia por un premio para todos los bebés que nazcan durante el Mundial 2010 y tengan el nombre o apellido de alguno de los jugadores del seleccionado inglés. Los nombres modificados para el femenino también podrán participar. El bebé ganador será agraciado con una ceremonia de nombramiento e n el cual se le otorgará un certificado y los padres podrán contar las razones de haber elegido ese nombre del jugador. En el Registro Civil creen que este año mucha gente lo hará y cuentan que muchos padres han nombrado a sus recién nacidos Wayne (Rooney) y Frank (Lampard)


Baby Beckham born in Gloucestershire as World Cup Fever sweeps the county

A Gloucestershire couple have kicked off England's World Cup campaign by naming their baby Beckham!
Baby Beckham Rio-Lee Tempel was two weeks old on Saturday when his parents, Rayne Jones, 28, and Marvin Tempel, 32, from Gloucester, took him to Gloucestershire County Council's Registration Service to register his name.
Now Beckham who has an older brother, Taylor James Matthias Tempel, who is 13 months old, has sparked a county-wide competition for footie-themed baby registrations.
The service is planning a prize draw for all new babies registered during the FIFA World Cup with either a first name or last name of one of the members of the England squad. Baby girls with a female version of the names, such as Jo, Terry and Stephanie will also qualify.
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A wall chart will go up in the Gloucester Registration office and the names of the babies added as they are registered. At the end of the World Cup, all the names will go into a hat and the prize for the winner will be a free baby naming ceremony at any registration office in the county.
Mum Rayne said: “We’re big football fans obviously, but we also just really liked the names I asked my mum if she could think of something unusual and she suggested Beckham – it’s definitely different!
“Our friends and family think it’s a brilliant name but people do find it a bit strange because we are actually Chelsea fans! We love the names we have chosen and, of course, David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand are such talented players.
“We’re all really excited about the World Cup. We’ll be watching all of the England games and cheering them on as a family.”
Angela Thorp, Registration Officer at Gloucester Registration Office, said: “When Beckham’s parents came into register him, it got us all thinking about the football and gave us the idea for the World Cup competition.
“It’s just a bit of fun and the parents of the lucky winner will get a free baby naming ceremony, which is a great way to celebrate a birth. You can announce the names you have chosen and, if you like, give the reasons behind your choice.
“A naming ceremony also provides an opportunity for family and friends to make promises of commitment to nurture a child into adult life. You receive a special commemorative certificate signed by the parents, the sponsors and the celebrant.”
Cllr Will Windsor-Clive, Gloucestershire County Council Cabinet Member with responsibility for Registration Services, said: “I’m sure that nationally, there will be a trend of parents giving their children the names of famous footballers during and after the World Cup.
“I can’t imagine people will call their babies Wayne and Frank just because of this competition! But lots of people will share surnames with members of the squad, and many of the players’ first names are already popular. It’s good fun and there’s a chance to win a naming ceremony, which is a great way to welcome your little one into the world.”

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