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Recuerdan cuando meses atrás les comentamos que iba a salir un comic sobre David Beckham? Aqui les traemos un adelanto de lo que incluirá en sus páginas! Cuenta historias de David en su día habitual, con todo lo que caracteriza su vida (familia, fútbol, publicidades, etc).
El titulo es ''FAME: David Beckham''. Saldrá en Septiembre y costará 3.99 dólares. Escrito por Pete Rogers y diseños de arte por Pablo Martinena.
Hi, beloved readers! Remember when mooonths ago we told you about the comic about David Beckham? Here we have for you some pages of it. As you can see, it is about David's days and all they carry along hehe.

"Fame: David Beckham"
will arrive on shelves in September. The comic explores Beckham's life "from his earliest days on the soccer field, when he dreamed of playing for Manchester United, to the challenges of his soccer days in the United States," the official text of Bluewater's latest "Fame" announced. Beckham has become the first sport star featured in a Bluewater productions comic. "Fame: David Beckham" is written by Pete Rogers with art by Pablo Martinena. On the project, Rogers said, "Working on the Beckham book was quite different from any other comic I've worked on to date." "Telling someone's real life story was quite a challenge, and I tried to find as many ways as possible to ensure that it was visually interesting and not just a case of 'he did this and then he did that'," Roger added about "Fame: David Beckham" which retails for $3.99.

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Anonymous said...

wt's the name of this comic book?
can you give me more details? like the writer and where can buy it.
cuz i'd love to hv one too..
thz a lot!

GlamBeckhams website said...

Info added! ;)

Anonymous said...

Great art work! the first cover is amazing, dude! Can You show more pages about this, please? Did the Beckham said something about this comic? what do they think