Victoria en HELLO magazine - Abril 2010 Rusia

Victoria Beckham in HELLO magazine - April 2010 Russia.

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- Tell us what are must-have items from new collections.
- First of all, of course one of Victoria Beckham dresses. I also like dresses by Celine. I hope that David’ll give me one of it’s dresses as a present for my birthday. To be frank, I can’t say that I buy items from latest collections every season. I usually buy only what I really like and only when I need it.
- But nevertheless everyone knows that you have an immense wardrobe. Do you have the most precious things that bring you luck or hold special memories?
- Yeah, my wardrobe isn’t a small one. You know, it’s really hard for me to throw my clothes away so I rarely do it. So I keep everything I ever wore. Of course I have the most precious clothes, for instance, the dress I’d been wearing when I met David and outfits that I wore on special occasions. And I had lots of happy events in my life and I keep all those clothes and accessories. Can you imagine that?
- Do you ever throw away anything?
- Of course, I have to do it sometimes, because to keep everything is impossible even in my wardrobe (laughs) But it’s a pity to me. Sometimes it’s really pleasant to find a dress or a top you forgot about. Especially I can wear the same clothes for many times. I’m not of those persons who say “I’m not going to wear this, because I had already wore it once!”
- You go out quite frequently. Had you ever had some curious thing like broken heel or untied lance?
- (Pause) No. Actually I can’t remember something like that. But once I wore a dress by Roberto Cavalli to a party. It was so beautiful, but it were so tight that I couldn’t get in the car, and when I sat down I understood that I could hardly breath in it. (laughs)
- You don’t only wear beautiful dresses, but you also create them. Courtney Cox and Jennifer Hudson had been wearing dresses by Victoria Beckham on the red carpet. Is there a celebrity for whom you want to create a dress.

- My dream is to dress up Michele Obama! I think she’s fabulous. She’s very charismatic and she’s an amazing body. I also like Kate Bosworth and Charlize Theron. I would like to do their styles.
- What about your family? You have three little sons. Do you watch what the wear?
- It’s not an easy thing. You know, they’re so different. Brooklyn is a real LA lad. He like casual style . And it’s real problem for me, because I want my son to be more elegant. The youngest, Cruz is mad about costumes – Batman, Robin, a transformer- it doesn’t matter. It’s so hard to make him to dress up in a normal way. But I don’t have any problems with the middle on, Romeo, he loves fashion! It seems to I know who will get into the saddle of my fashion brand.
- Do you listen to anybody when you create dresses?
- No, I listen only to myself. When I listen to people’s opinion something always goes wrong. But eventually I realized that you have to listen only to yourself. If something’ll go wrong it’d be my mistake it’s OK. But if I will make a mistake on someone else's fault, that would be awful.

Thanks a lot lot to our friend Elisabeth from Belarus for the scans and translation!


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