Tattoo: David. Cupido y Psyche

Inspirado en la pintura del Renacimiento de Cupido llevando a su esposa Psyche al Cielo. La pintura original fue pintada en el sigo 15 por el italiano Francesco Francia y muestra a Psyche completamente desnuda, pero David prefirio cubrir sus partes intimas.
We have shown you before David's new tattoo, but I hadnt found the meaning yet by then. Now we have the complete info.
Inspired by a Renaissance painting of Cupid carrying his wife Psyche to Heaven.The original painting was created by 15th century Italian artist Francesco Francia and included Psyche completely naked.Life and works of Italian Francesco Francia.Also known as Francesco Raibolini, was born in Bologna, Italy in 1450 Trained as a painter with Renaissance artist Marco Zoppo Was a court painter in Mantua His paintings include the Saint Anne Alterpiece from San Frediano Lucca and The Virgin And Child With Two Saints, both on display at the National Gallery in London Focused on the Virgin Mary and the Saints in his work Died in 1517 while in a melancholy state. Was said to be depressed his work was 'inferior' to Raphael.

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