Victoria con American Idol

La ex-Spice girl y el casi ex-Jonas Brothers ya han comenzado su nueva colaboración como jurados en el programa "American Idol", una especie de "Operación Triunfo" en el que la gente que participa graba discos, no como en la versión española. El papel de Vicky y Joe será seleccionar a los futuros participantes de entre toda la gente que se presente al casting. ¿Conseguirán un nuevo fenómeno mediático como el de Adam Lambert o Susan Boyle? Ya veremos...Victoria Beckham ha declarado estar completamente feliz de poder formar parte de un programa de tal envergadura como "American Idol" . "Yo creo en las críticas constructivas, soy una persona muy positiva y siempre trato de ver lo bueno. Después de haber sido una Spice Girl sé perfectamente lo que se siente al ser juzgado por miles de personas", ha declarado la mujer de Beckham.
*Podremos ver a Victoria en la tv norteamericana el 2 de febrero!
Victoria Beckham will join the American Idol judges’ panel when the show takes the talent search to Boston for its season premiere, airing Tuesday (8 p.m. EST) on FOX. The former Spice Girl will return for the Denver auditions, airing Feb. 2.“It was very exciting to be asked to do Idol,” Beckham says. “[My husband] David and the boys are all big fans of the show. It was a real privilege to be a part of something so huge!”As for working with Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson and Kara DioGuardi, Beckham says, “Everybody was very nice. I’ve known Simon for many years. Kara and Randy were very sweet. I have a lot of respect for them all as individuals and together they are a great team. I enjoyed working with and getting to know Kara — she’s a real girl’s girl, like me. We went for dinner and she seems like a genuinely nice, down-to earth-girl. I felt each of the four of us brought a different role to the auditions and we complemented each other.”For her own judging style, Beckham says, “I believe in constructive criticism and I am a very positive person, so I always tried to find something good and helpful to focus on, be it someone’s singing, their looks or their overall style. Having been a performer, I know how difficult it is to be that person standing there being judged. I didn’t want to trample on people’s dreams.”Specifically, Beckham says, aside from strong pipes, “I wanted an overall look. For me, image is important as that helps sell records. I wouldn’t judge someone just on their looks alone, or what they were wearing; it takes the whole package of vocal, personality and a personal style.”She was even touched by some of the performances she witnessed. “There was one girl in Denver,” Beckham says. “She brought her niece along to her audition as the family didn’t have childcare. She was beautiful, well-dressed and she could really, really sing. She had a real aura and star quality.”But for every great singer, “there were plenty of break-out laughing moments,” Beckham admits. “You can’t help but laugh. It’s a joyous, natural reaction. And whilst you don’t want to appear rude or upset anybody, people and their comedy moments are just as important as the really talented singers are, because they make great TV!”So does sparring verbally with Simon. “Yes, I can give as good as I get,” Beckham says. “I have a dry sense of humor which worked very well alongside his acerbic wit and I really enjoyed working with Simon. I enjoyed the banter we created and the fact that we could laugh together — most of the time!” –Cynthia WangMichael Becker/FOX


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