14 enero '10 Victoria sale de un edificio en LA.

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14 enero 2010-Victoria Beckham se esconde bajo su campera al salir de un edificio en LA.

14 January 2010 - Victoria Beckham hides under her jacket while coming out of a building in LA.

silly, VB! you are so so gorgeous you don't need to hide, even when you're not wearing make-up or are dressed-down!


K_Chanel said...

I hope she goes to the Golden Globes this year.... remember that Roberto Cavalli dress.

Maybe she's getting ready for that, facials can make your face red.

Anonymous said...

Well i dont think she is silly for not wanting to be photographed ALL the freaking time. Only she knows how that feels, and i cant imagine how she puts up with it in the first place, i would go nuts. Besides i bet this was one of those times when she goes about town without being noticed, but they caught her this time.

And i seriously doubt she would go to the Globes, now that would be silly, perhaps to some after party instead though.