Roland Mouret habla sobre los diseños de Victoria

Roland dice que no trabaja con Victoria en sus diseños, que sólo le presento a la pequeña fábrica en la que luego Victoria empezo a hacer sus diseños. Dijo que aunque a ambos les gusta mucho la figura femenina, la tecnica de Victoria es mas brusca. Agregó que Victoria es su minima preocupación porque sí hay otros diseñadores que se copian de su vestido ''Galaxy'' y nadie dice nada.

You've worked with Victoria Beckham on her dress line. How is it working with her?
RM: I'm not working with her. I never worked with Victoria. I should make a press release [laughs].

StyleList: Well, we can be your press release. Set the record straight.
RM: Victoria and I work with the same company under Simon Fuller. And what I did was I told her I could introduce her to a small factory in England that was doing things for me, and I introduced her to one of my ex-employees and that person became her right hand.

But, really, what I did for Victoria is nothing different than what I did for Jonathan Saunders and so many young designers in London. I'm the kind of person that thinks that fashion is a family, and if you have a problem, I am here to help. But there is a magic with Victoria and I completely understand what she's doing. That woman is one of the most photographed women in the world. She has the resources to be a brand. She represents a new direction of design for the future.

StyleList: But you don't see any similarities in your clothes?
RM: She loves the feminine form, I love the feminine form. But I don't think were doing the same clothes. Victoria's technique is more curt. Mine is less curt. I have less of a problem with her than I have with designers who just remake my 'Galaxy' dress. But the media doesn't talk about that because they'd lose their advertisers. What they call an homage is not flattering. I think it's lazy and it's fraud.

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