David en Lopez Tonight

The LA Galaxy and AC Milan star told him: 'If you want me to give you some kind of haircut - my mum's a hairdresser so I've inherited that a little bit.'

Explaining his many styles, from floppy peroxide curtains to a mohawk, David Beckham said: 'I just kind of get bored - I wake up in the morning and I don't like my hair so sometimes I cut it myself.'

'I'm not going to take to much off because your wife will kill me,' Becks said.

Lopez said: 'Give me a little gel - I want a bro-hawk like you!'

The footballer also announced to the home crowd that he would return to Los Angeles next year after the World Cup.

'I'll be coming back,' he said, to rounds of applause.

'I begin playing again in Europe December 28 for AC Milan then after the World Cup I'll be back here middle of July.'

And while he trimmed the presenter’s locks, the 34-year-old said: “I'm not going to take too much off because your wife will kill me.”

David later revealed that a night out with close friends Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes turned into his “worst nightmare” after the couple insisted on playing a singing game in the middle of a restaurant.

He said: ““We were at dinner once with Tom and Katie and a few friends and everyone was like let’s start a singing game and that’s my worst nightmare.

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