3 dic '09 David en CapeTown

David Beckham's security peops jus closed off Kloof street so he could buy chicken from Nando's in CT.over divas.come on man!

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Acabo de encontrar en twitter que la seguridad de David acaba de cerrar la calle Kloof, en Cape Town, para que David pueda comprar pollo en Nando. jajaja!


B a la Moda said...

Really! That sounds like too much.
B* a la Moda

Anonymous said...

Um that is a stupid Tweet, get over it, the street was closed because of the draw celebration event anyway, not just because of him wanting to get his chicken, how stupid! Besides he is protected by the African police like every other well known person there, and if they felt closing down the street was worth it, then its hardly him being a diva. There was also a bomb threat in the morning so everyone was tense, and super careful.