yay! Signature Story

Por fin a la venta! viene en frascos de 50ml (29 libras uk) y 30 ml (23 libras uk)
si se fijan en el diseño del frasco, podrán ver un texto en inglés. Esperamos lo puedas disfrutar!
Yay!! finally out to purchase! we love the design of the bottle, as you can find parts of a romantic text. It comes in bottles of 50ml (29 pounds) and 30ml (23 pounds). We hope you can enjoy it!



Anonymous said...

It looks really beautiful, so its out officially?

Glam Beckhams Foro said...

hhhmmm when i saw this, i thought ''is this for real??!!''
remember the official presentation is due in september.
but maybe a little preview for a few shops and websites? there are bottoms to actually buy it, so i think the show's beginning!

Sara said...

Oh yes, i think this is just couple of items released before the actual offical launch, as it says on the site that only 1 of each is available.I guess she will have one launch in UK on her own (like last year), before they both hit New York probably.Although i think they should have one in LA this year, it would be even bigger madness.But anyway cant wait to see them more out and about, its been quiet, and i think it will be for a while now.

J M C said...

Hey! How are you?

What a great find! I can't wait to see this in person in stores! The bottle and the packaging is really beautiful.. I bet it smells wonderful too! I own the basic signature and absolutely love it (the mens smells really yummy too lol