Victoria se quiere mudar a Francia?

según este articulo de NowMagazine, victoria quiere mudarse a Francia para salvar su matrimonio. los enfrentamientos de david con los fans del galaxy, ha generado miedos de que algo le pase a sus vuelven a uk, seria como una derrota en usa, pero si van a Francia, ella podria continuar con su linea de creo que sea cierto.

Watching tormented David Beckham hit breaking point as his US football career turns to dust has proved too much for Posh.

She’s planning a new life in France for the sake of their relationship.

Victoria, 35, fears the verbal taunts could intensify and worries that the family could be physically attacked.

‘The way the fans have reacted to David has broken her heart,’ reveals our insider. ‘Victoria’s terrified that something may happen to her boys [Brooklyn, 10, Romeo, 6, and Cruz, 4].

‘But they can’t go back to England because it’d be seen as a sign that they’ve flopped in America. If they move to France, Victoria can still carry on with her fashion range and David can play top-class football.

'Most importantly, the family will feel safe and they can be a unit again – unlike the past year, which they’ve spent mostly apart while David’s been in Milan.’

The Beckhams are on the verge of moving full-time to their sprawling estate in the quaint town of Bargemon on the French Riviera.

Now spoke to Pierre Blanc, the local mayor, last Wednesday and he confirmed that he’d met with the couple for 5 hours last month and showed David, 34, around a local school along with Brooklyn and Victoria’s dad Tony Adams.

They also checked out an international school, which teaches the National Curriculum in English.

Mr Blanc tells us: ‘Yes, David paid a visit to the town hall to see me for a chat and then we went to visit the local primary school. Later, his wife joined us for a simple dinner in La Taverne. It was very low-key.’

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp all have homes in that area of Provence and, because French privacy laws are so tight, photographers aren’t allowed to hound them.

‘They get papped in St Tropez, but the Beckhams’ house is out in the countryside,' says a Beckham associate. 'The locals in their village only have three channels on their TV. No one in France really cares about them, which they love.’nowmagazine

I think this deserves a big ''hhhhmmmm...'' =/


Anonymous said...

I think its really a shame you would even post a garbage like this on your site.I am a reader of this blog, but i wont come back if stuff like this, the outmost lowest tabloid shit is posted!!

Arent you a fan of the Beckhams?Why would you even post something this degrading and obviously stupid?!!

Glam Beckhams Foro said...

^well, first off:thank you very much for visiting.
secondly, we just post posts like this because they are about them, but we do not consider them important at all.
If fans consider it is not accurate, then we will stop, of course.
we just treat this as what it is: 'just lame words from press'.
And I'm sure u have noticed, i didnt treat this as fact or something relevant. We just thought we'd post that they appear on this issue and what they say about them, that is all.

thank you for your honesty and sharing your opinion! =)

Anonymous said...

Thank you, it just really make me mad, because its soo incredibly, beyond belief stupid!Tabloids like them make me sick, they have no shame, and i sure dont want to read it, i guess next time i will just ignore it and skip pass it, but i defo dont go to certain sites that post all that garabge.