* David Beckham se ha comunicado desde Seychelles por teléfono con su sobrina Georgina, quien padece de la famosa Influenza A (Gripe Porcina) . La madre de Georgina y hermana de David, Married Lynne, dijo a Daily Express: ''David la ha llamado y le deseó que se mejore. Ella se está recuperando''.

* Según la firma de marketting y relaciones públicas The Bromley Group, David es fanático de las botas Sendra Boots.

*El diseñador Roberto Cavalli dió una entrevista sobre la crisis económica a The Sunday Times y habló sobre Victoria modelando para su rival, Armani: ''Victoria es una persona adorable. No me interesa que trabaje para Armani - la diferencia es que ella es mi amiga, no mi modelo. Pero no la culpo: Armani le paga mucho dinero.''

*Ace footballer David Beckham has sent greetings to his swine flu-infected niece Georgina Every wishing her to get well soon from the Seychelles, where he is currently staying with his wife Victoria to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. “David has been on the phone and he said to wish her well. She is getting better,” the Daily Express quoted the soccer star’s sister and Georgiana’s mother, Married Lynne, as saying.

*According to The Bromley Group, a public relations and marketing firm, David Beckham is a fan of the rugged-yet-refined boots of Sendra Boots.

* Designer Roberto Cavalli gave an interview to The Sunday Times. He talked about the crisis, and also about his friend Victoria Beckham who recently became a model for his competitor Giorgio Armani: “Victoria Beckham is lovely. I'm not bothered that she works with Giorgio Armani - the difference is she's a friend to me, not a model. But I don't blame her: Armani pays her a lot of money” said Cavalli.

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