Feliz 1 aniversario/ Happy 1 year!!!

Hoy celebramos el primer año de GlamBeckhams! muchas gracias a todos por sus visitas, sus e-mails, sus mensajes, sus comentarios y la compañia día a día. Disfrutamos mucho ser fans de los Beckhams junto a ustedes! Hoy postearemos cositas especiales.

Today GlamBeckhams is celebrating its 1st year! we would like to thank you all for your visits, your e-mails, your messages, your comments, and the company day after day. We enjoy being Beckhams fans with you very much! Today we will post some cool stuff.


Lizie Mary - Brasil said...

Hola ' las Felicitaciones!
Primero el cumpleaños, de muchos que son por venir!
Siempre continúe como este õ /

Las felicitaciones õ /
Los besos; *

Brasil (L³

J M C said...

Congratulations on your first year!! Your blog is absolutely amazing and you prove every day how much of a wonderful fan you are - Victoria and David are very lucky and so are your readers!! :)

On a personal note, thank you for always being so kind! You have been extremely sweet and I am glad to call your blog a friend of VB Style!

Keep up the great work! Many more years to come!

Glam Beckhams Foro said...

Brigadas! =)

Thank you very much, jenna! =) same goes to you.