David y Angelina para Armani ??

Parece ser que Armani contrató a Angelina Jolie para su campaña Spring 2010 y el diseñador planea hacer fotos de la actriz con David Beckham, dejando de lado a Victoria.


Angelina Jolie is set to star in an advert with David Beckham.

The Oscar-winning beauty has signed a deal with Emporio Armani and the Italian fashion house is keen for her to team up with the handsome soccer star - who has appeared in a number of their campaigns, including some with wife Victoria.

A source said: “When you have David Beckham and Angelina Jolie signed up to your fashion house it’s a no-brainer to link them up.

“They appeal to a diverse audience and a collaboration would create so much publicity it would push Armani head and shoulders above their rivals. There are a few contract issues to be addressed but marketing experts are being tasked with coming up with clever ideas for a print campaign.”

However, bosses are keen to make sure the adverts are not to risque as they don’t want to ruin the committed family image both Jolie and Beckham have.

The source added: “The two are exceptionally beautiful on camera but both are in committed relationships so the advert would have to be sexy without offending their partners.”

Jolie raises six children with partner Brad Pitt, while Beckham has just celebrated his 10th wedding anniversary with Victoria, who he has three sons with.

Beckham signed a deal with Armani in 2007, while Jolie was named as their new face two weeks ago.

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Eric said...

Pues no me gusta mucho la idea no es que hagan muy buena pareja ellos 2 que digamos ojala sea solo un rumor no qiero que pase como Brad i Jennfer que lo dejaron por ella. Pobre Vicky jaja

Posh said...

Hola ¿cómo va? espero que bien. Simplemente pasaba para saludar. Me gustaría que hagan la campaña para Armani.
Espero que estes de 10 y te espero por mi blog. Bye kisses Cintia.